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About LordResume

LordResume was founded in 2015 by Julius Q. Holmes IV whose sole goal was to ditch the outdated ways to write Resumes that weren’t getting people hired for a modernized approach that was driven purely by interview rates. In short, if it doesn’t work, we don’t do it.

LordResume is based in Philadelphia, Pa with 5 employees and over 15,000 recruiters partners. Customers can expect the latest and greatest in Career Development Strategies and a zealous readiness to drop any technique for one that works better!

About Our Founder

Julius Q. Holmes IV, LordResume

Julius Q. Holmes IV is a Communication Consultant who specializes in translating technical jargon into non-technical instructional material. He studied Political Science, Business Administration and Electrical Engineering at Howard University before heading to JP Morgan Chase to pursue a career in Technical Writing and Business Analysis.

After four years at JP Morgan he started and subsequently lost his first three companies before growing LordResume from a solo operation to five employees and 15,000 recruiter partners. As an entrepreneur Julius has had the privilege to work with organizations such as Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Temple University, Howard University, The University of Delaware, The DC Department of Health, The Dibble Institute, CRC Industries Inc., and recently the Project Management Institute.

Julius is a passionate trainer and writer whose published numerous articles and presented curricula at several conferences for the National Association of Job Assistance Training, Power People Summit and Step into College where he was featured on NBC.

He believes strongly in a real-world, practical approach to communication which has deeply influenced his creation of the LordResume Brand. Mr. Holmes is a self-proclaimed Harley Davidson Sportster fanatic, naturalist, explorer and a member of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc.

Julius Q. Holmes IV, Founding President



“I just want to see you win.”